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Educators Interview Marine Scientists (Image source: NOAA)

Educators Interview Marine Scientists

In these interviews, eight scientists at the University of South Florida, a SECOORA member, discuss their work and studies in the marine sciences. Further background materials are included to instruct teachers how to set up interviews for their own classrooms and produce case studies based on these interviews. Sample case studies based on these eight interviews are also provided.



Flowing Ocean Classroom

Flowing Ocean Classroom!

The flowing ocean virtual classroom provides resources about ocean currents and circulation. Bring the Gulf Stream into your classroom and learn about the wonders of our flowing ocean. Use the SECOORA "Flowing Oceans" poster and this virtual ocean circulation classroom. Find out how to obtain a copy of the "Flowing Oceans" poster, ocean circulation facts and activities, a circulation glossary, and links to helpful websites.



Hurricane Classroom

Take Your Students By Storm!

Use the virtual hurricane classroom to take your students by storm. The "Forming Hurricanes" poster brings gusts of excitement to the classroom. Learn the language of hurricanes with the hurricane glossary. Find mind-blowing classroom activities and lesson plans such as "The Surge of the Storm." Includes dozens of web references and related materials.



Waves Classroom

Catch the SECOORA Wave!

Use the virtual waves classroom to put waves into your lessons - featuring a gnarly poster, wave references on the web, a waves glossary, and classroom activities. Presented by the SECOORA Outreach and Education Working Group (Lundie Spence, Carrie Thomas, Maia McGuire, Margaret Olsen, Terri Hathaway).



Fish Match: The Game

Fish Match is a memory game where you try to identify sea life from video clips. You then try to match the videotaped creature with the card that has the name of the animal. The video clips are taken from the Fish Watch archives and include fish, sharks, stingrays, eels, and even a sea turtle! Increase your score with each correct match, and when you've matched them all, you win! There are field notes with pictures and information for every species in the game. And because the cards are re-shuffled and different animals included with each game, no two games are ever the same. Keep playing until you're an expert!



Boats, Buoys, and Science Teachers: A Winning Combination!

Learn more about SECOORA science, technology, and data. Explore ways to create exciting professional development opportunities for teachers using this topic. Everything you need is here, from an overview of a pilot workshop to a “How To” Manual with PowerPoint presentations and other resources. Come along on a research cruise as you view short video clips of buoy retrieval, deployment, and so much more! Use these clips and the lesson plans to bring this real world science to teachers and students.




SeaMaven is a prototype virtual learning tool designed to engage middle school science students in the active exploration of environmental sciences. The application provides students with a web-based portal to an offshore observational network of platform-based sensors for monitoring oceanographic and meteorological processes. Students can use SeaMaven to take near real-time atmostpheric and hydrology measurements of the marine environment off the Georgia/South Carolina coast.

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