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Fish Match Game

About Fish Watch

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The FISH WATCH project operates underwater cameras to observe and study sea life. Fish Watch has both educational and research objectives. The main goal of the education section is to make the research information that is being collected available to students, teachers, and the general public in a clear, and interesting format and accompany the video clips with information regarding the species and their behaviors. Using the video archive as a resource, teachers and other educators can create activities and lessons for students to learn more about assemblages of fish that inhabit regional reef ecosystems of the South Atlantic Bight continental shelf. A sampling of more videos with scientific descriptions is available.

About the Fish Match Game

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FISH MATCH is a memory game where you try to identify sea life from video clips. You then try to match the videotaped creature with the card that has the name of the animal. The video clips are taken from the Fish Watch archives and include fish, sharks, stingrays, eels, and even a sea turtle! Increase your score with each correct match, and when you've matched them all, you win! There are field notes with pictures and information for every species in the game. And because the cards are re-shuffled and different animals included with each game, no two games are ever the same. Keep playing until you're an expert!

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