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Public documents of the Regional Association.

SECOORA's Quarterly Newsletters
This folder contains the latest Coastal and Ocean Observing News for the Southeast from SECOORA. This newsletter includes examples of ongoing work in the region, issues of significance for coastal and ocean observing, coming events, and announcements concerning budgets, staff, workshops, publications, and many other items of interest.
Weekly News Update
Policy Documents
By-laws, Roles and Responsibilities, Communications Plan, etc.
Members of the Association
Members of SECOORA, their representatives, states, and join dates.
Repository of monthly SECOORA newsletters.
Success Stories
This collection of regional anecdotes compiles 'Success Stories' which occur regularly within the Southeast. This conveys what ocean observing has done successfully in the Southeast and gives a baseline of efforts from which support can be built.
SECOORA Organizational Chart
Relationships of Staff and Committees within the RA.
Technical Documents
Data Sharing Whitepaper, System Architecture Diagram, etc.
Planning Documents
SECOORA currently plans for the eventual implementation of the Southeastern component of the IOOS. Documents supporting those plans are included herein.
Archived Documents
Historical and expired documents of the Regional Association.
Report Documents
Contains final version of SECOORA grant/contract reporting documents.
User Needs Summary
This document provides a summary of recently conducted stakeholder needs assessments for the southeast region. It was completed July 14, 2009.
Strategic Priorities Plan
This is a working document that describes SECOORA's priority themes for 2011-2015.
2010 Annual Board and Members Meeting Presentations
All presentations from 2010 Annual Board and Members Meeting
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