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November 2008 SECOORA Newsletter

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Spotlight: Executive Director Selected ::: New Staff Emails ::: Board of Directors Meeting ::: SECOORA Web Site Redesign ::: Upcoming Events ::: Carolinas RCOOS Successful Buoy Turnarounds ::: Southeast Marine Weather Portal ::: Acting NOAA Administrator Appointed ::: Ocean.US Office Closes ::: IOOS/RA Workshop ::: News To Contribute?


 SPOTLIGHT: Executive Director Selected

SECOORA is pleased to announce that Debra Hernandez has accepted the position of Executive Director. Debra comes to the Regional Association with a 20-year work history in coastal and ocean management. Her technical experience and expertise spans a wide range of coastal issues. More recently, her professional interests have focused on improving the rate of transfer as well as the impact of research with applications to priority coastal and ocean management issues. “I am excited to be on board and look forward to working with all the SECOORA members to address the challenges of raising revenue to grow SECOORA’s capabilities and linking more effectively with our end users to increase our impact.” Debra can be reached at her new phone number or email, 843.906.8686 and



 New Staff Emails – As a small step in the process of creating a sustainable and independent non-profit, all the staff now have email addresses.


 Board of Directors Meeting – The Board of Directors held a meeting on October 8 in Atlanta, GA. A new Board member was elected to a vacant Private Sector seat.  Please join us in welcoming Tom Kuba (Lockheed Martin) to the Board! He has been involved in SECOORA for quite some time, and was instrumental in leading the development of the business plan review and revisions. In addition, Tom was elected to serve as the Board Liaison for the Stakeholders Advisory Council.

The Board voted unanimously to extend an offer of employment to a candidate as the Executive Director. See the announcement above. The Board also voted unanimously to extend the term of the Executive Committee until the end of the current fiscal year on June 30, 2009.

Policy and Program Committees provided updates, and voted on membership and charges. The Education and Outreach Committee was formalized, and it was noted that its co-chairs, George Maul and Lundie Spence, are members of the National Federation of Regional Associations (NFRA) Education and Outreach Committee.


 SECOORA Web Site Redesign – The SECOORA site,, is undergoing a review by staff. They are working to develop not only the appearance of the site, but also the content. Once options have been developed, this will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for input.


 Upcoming Events – Please make note of the following SECOORA events:

  • Board Meeting - January 20, 2009; tentatively scheduled in Orlando
  • Members Meeting - May 6-8, 2009; location TBA


 Carolinas RCOOS Successful Buoy Turnarounds – The Carolinas RCOOS successfully completed buoy turnarounds off the coast of South Carolina from October 15-17 aboard the R/V Savannah. The SUN2, CAP2 and FRP2 buoys were all redeployed and MET and oceanographic data are reporting in real-time to NDBC and


 Southeast Marine Weather Portal – The 2007 NOAA applications award funded the development of the Southeast Marine Weather Portal for the National Weather Service. This site is now on-line as an experimental NWS product – Please review the site and complete the site satisfaction survey located at the bottom of the home page.



 Acting NOAA Administrator AppointedWilliam J. Brennan, Ph.D., has become acting under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and acting administrator of NOAA.  He succeeds retired Navy Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher Jr.,  and was confirmed as assistant secretary by the U.S. Senate in June. He is responsible for managing NOAA's science and operational programs. Read the full announcement:


 Ocean.US Office Closes – The Ocean.US office formally shut down its operations at the end of September. Ocean.US was the National Office for Integrated and Sustained Ocean Observations in the United States. They led the nation in planning for the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS).  Some Ocean.US ativities will continue under the Interagency Working Group on Ocean Observations (IWGOO), chartered under the Joint Subcommittee on Ocean Sciencec and Technology (JSOST). This will be facilitated by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL).


 IOOS RA Workshop – NOAA is hosting an IOOS RA workshop in Baltimore, MD from December 2-4. All the funded RCOOS projects are being asked to present on their progress. Representing our region at that meeting are Harvey Seim, Rick Leuttich, Jennifer Dorton, Peter Sheng and Lynn Leonard.


 News to Contribute? – The SECOORA newsletter is published in the middle of each month and focuses on regional, subregional, and national ocean observation topics, events, and success stories. Please email your comments or suggested new items to SECOORA's Program Coordinator, Susannah Sheldon by the tenth day of each month.

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