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NDBC Wave Priority Letter

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Submitted July 24, 2007

Southeast Coastal Ocean Observations Regional Association (SECOORA)


A regional directional wave observation program.

SECOORA recently elected a new Board of Directors and the timeline for this request will not facilitate thorough vetting through our Board; however, regional subject matter experts provided the baseline requirements as outlined in this document. SECOORA intends this to be a living document that will be updated as priorities and assets change. The locations provided were determined by regional input, balanced with the Regional Directional Waves/Sediment Transport Applications White Paper prepared by SEACOOS. The distribution reflects a perceived need for much better observations of directional wave spectra on the shelf and in the near shore. There is sparse sampling in deep water, a line of observations along the shelf break, another line at mid-shelf, and lastly a line of nearshore locations. The following matrices include “planned” (i.e. funded) subregional deployments and “proposed i.e. requested” NDBC/RCOOS deployments.

In identifying an organization with proposed deployments, we are promoting that NDBC take responsibility for the more offshore deployments and that the RCOOS be responsible for the more inshore deployments. Both sets are considered required locations in support of the National Waves Plan. Some deployments may be accomplished through deployment of new buoys while others may be achieved augment/upgrade existing assets per the “Existing Stations and Upgrade” request in the second matrix. An outstanding issue is funding for the system as a whole.


Planned and Proposed Regional Wave Requirements

Name Lat Long Program Station Status
C15 27.3300 -82.6400 COMPS Planned
Duck 20m 36.2100 -75.6900 USACE Planned
E of Miami 25.5600 -79.8800 NDBC Planned
Jennette's Pier 35.9100 -75.5900 USACE/NCCOOS Planned
Lookout Shoals 34.3400 -76.4200 NCCOOS Planned
Pea Island 35.5900 -75.4600 USACE/CORMP Planned
E of Cape Lookout 34.6292 -75.8061 NDBC Proposed NDBC
E of Charleston, SC 32.5161 -78.1617 NDBC Proposed NDBC
E of New Smyrna Beach 29.0000 -76.0000 NDBC Proposed NDBC
E of West Palm Beach 26.8333 -79.5000 NDBC Proposed NDBC
Florida Straits 24.6333 -80.5500 NDBC Proposed NDBC
West Florida Shelf 1 27.9800 -85.7600 NDBC Proposed NDBC
West Florida Shelf 2 26.9900 -85.0000 NDBC Proposed NDBC
West Florida Shelf 3 25.4400 -84.5500 NDBC Proposed NDBC
Cedar Key 29.0800 -83.0800 tbd Proposed RCOOS
Daytona 29.2400 -80.9700 tbd Proposed RCOOS
Key West 24.5200 -81.7700 tbd Proposed RCOOS
Miami 25.7700 -80.1000 tbd Proposed RCOOS
Naples 26.1400 -81.8400 tbd Proposed RCOOS
Panama City 30.0800 -85.7300 tbd Proposed RCOOS
Pensacola 30.2900 -87.2800 tbd Proposed RCOOS
Sanibel 26.4000 -82.1000 tbd Proposed RCOOS


Existing Stations with Upgrade Requirements per NDBC Request

Station Name Station ID Wave Measurement RTStatus Lat Long Institution
FCFP Spessard Holland North Beach Park Spessard Directional Y 28.0562 -80.5445 Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Sebastian Inlet Sebastian Directional Y 27.5000 -80.0000 Florida Institute of Technology - Coastal Engineering Lab
New Pass, Sarasota, FL NewPass Scalar Y 27.3332 -82.5788 MOTE Marine Lab
Station 132 - FERNANDINA BEACH, FL 132 Directional Y 30.7186 -81.2928 Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Station 134 - FORT PIERCE, FL 143 Directional Y 27.5514 -80.2253 Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Station 143 - CAPE CANAVERAL NEARSHORE, FL 143 Directional Y 28.4000 -80.5333 Scripps Institute of Oceanography
GTSAV Wave Buoy GTSAV1 Directional Y 31.9912 -80.7357 Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
R2 Tower R2 Scalar Y 31.3749 -80.5665 Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Explorer of the Seas ELWX5 Scalar Y Varies Varies University of Miami
Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier Bogue Directional Y 34.6580 -77.0330 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Johnnie Mercers pier ILM1 Directional N 34.2118 -77.7837 University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ocean Crest Pier OCP1 Directional Y 33.9081 -78.1476 University of North Carolina Wilmington
Capers Nearshore CAP2 Directional Y 32.8000 -79.6200 University of South Carolina
Folly Beach Pier Folly Beach Directional Y 32.6550 -79.9402 University of South Carolina
Springmaid Pier Springmaid Directional Y 33.6532 -78.9135 University of South Carolina
Pass-A-Grille Wireless Waves Site PAG Directional Y 27.6780 -82.7690 University of South Florida
8m Array Duck8m Directional Y 36.1872 -75.7429 US Army Corps of Engineers
Bald Head Island ADCP Baldhead Directional Y 33.8444 -78.0111 US Army Corps of Engineers
Duck Waverider buoy Duck Directional Y 36.1986 -75.7206 US Army Corps of Engineers
Oak Island ADCP Oak Island Directional Y 33.8944 -78.0845 US Army Corps of Engineers
Station PLSF1 - Pulaski Shoal Light, FL PLSF1 Upgrade to Directional Y 24.6900 -82.7700 National Data Buoy Center
Station SGOF1 - Tyndall AFB Tower C (N4), FL SGOF1 Upgrade to Directional Y 29.4100 -84.8600 National Data Buoy Center
R8 Tower R8 Upgrade to Directional Y 31.6332 -79.9249 Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
R4 Tower R4 Upgrade to Directional Y 30.7800 -80.3500 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Wrightsville Beach Buoy Offshore ILM3 Upgrade to Directional Y 33.9858 -77.3607 University of North Carolina Wilmington
Fripp Nearshore FRP2 Upgrade to Directional Y 32.2800 -80.4100 University of South Carolina
C10 C10 Upgrade to Directional Y 27.1680 -82.9280 University of South Florida
C12 West Florida Central C12 Upgrade to Directional Y 27.4950 -83.7250 University of South Florida
C13 West Florida South C13 Upgrade to Directional Y 26.0560 -83.0780 University of South Florida
C14 C14 Upgrade to Directional Y 28.3060 -83.3980 University of South Florida
C16 West Florida Central Buoy C16 Upgrade to Directional Y 27.3909 -84.2476 University of South Florida
C17 Dry Tortugas C17 Upgrade to Directional Y 25.2450 -82.2150 University of South Florida


Map of SECOORA Wave Requirements


A regional surface current mapping program.

The SECOORA region currently has 9 HF Radar installations (both CODAR and WERA). Existing HF radar sites listed north to south:

  • North Carolina Outer Banks – 2 long range (5 MHz) CODAR –Duck and Buxton, NC (currents and minimal scale waves) – owned/operated by UNC Chapel Hill/NC COOS
  • South Carolina – 1 existing long range WERA (8 MHz) deployment at Pritchards Island. Possible additional deployment of WERA system off Folly Beach, south of Charleston, – owned/operated by University of South Carolina.
  • Georgia St Catherine’s Island – 1 existing long range (8 MHz) WERA. A second WERA system is being purchased by for installation at Jekyll Island, Ga – owned/operated by Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
  • Florida – 2 existing medium range WERA (6 MHz) – two sites at Crandon Park, Key Biscayne and Key Largo – owned/operated by University of Miami
  • West Florida Shelf – 3 long range (5 MHz) CODAR – Redington Beach, Naples (owned/operated by USF) and Venice (owned/operated by Rutgers)


Expansion of the existing network to provide full coverage over the entire SECOORA domain is desirable. Below is an idealized map showing an additional 22 long range sites and 5 additional medium range sites that would conceivably provide domain-wide coverage. The type of radar system to be employed at each site will need to be determined based on site logistics and available personnel support.



Proposed and Existing HF Radar Sites


SECOORA appreciates the opportunity to submit our requirements and clarify existing assets.

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