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NFRA Releases High-level Products and Services Document

NFRA's document "Providing Coastal Information in a Changing Climate: The Regional Contribution to the National Integrated Ocean Observing System" outlines the high-level products and services that the national network of RAs will provide in the coming years. The products address 5 key themes that have been identified as priorities by regional users and stakeholders: Marine Operations, Climate Variability and Change, Ecosystems, Fisheries, and Water Quality, Coastal Hazards and Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning.


NFRA submitted a memo to the IOOS Program Office regarding feedback on FY10 FFO process and thoughts for FY11. The memo outlines recommendations for consideration in the FY11 competitive process including theme areas, regional flexibility, regional variation, review process, and evaluation. Specific feedback on the FY10 process is also included to assist in future FFOs. View the memo:

The U.S. Department of Commerce is seeking to obtain frequency allocations within the HF band at WRC-12 so that the oceanographic radars, now operating in a demonstration mode on a not-to-interfere basis, can transition to a fully operational mode to provide products and services for the benefit of coastal stakeholders. NFRA sent a final letter of support of these efforts to the FCC with 131 signatures. View the letter of support:

The NFRA Executive Committee has been working on an effective approach to increasing funding in FY11. Appropriations staff members have indicated that NFRA’s request of $96m is unrealistic and could actually hurt our chances of success. Taking this advice to heart, the Executive Committee has developed a five-year funding request for IOOS, starting with $33m in FY11. View the NFRA Strategy for Appropriations Request. The requested amounts are broken into two categories; regional and national. The Regional Plan, which is almost ready for review, will describe what will be done with the regional money. The request for the national program includes interagency coordination, legislative requirements, etc. (estimated to be 10% of the total amount). The rest of the funding is for data integration and national surface current program. The surface current program will be implemented on a regional level but is listed under the national program to avoid confusion and a "zero-sum-gain." Requests for sensor validation (i.e., ACT) and modeling testbed (i.e., SURA) have also been included. (Courtesy of NFRA)

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